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Introducing the church of Christ Print E-mail
The church of Christ is not part of what has come to be known as
"organized religion". Each congregation is completely independent,
with no authority over it except Jesus Christ,
the only Potentate". (1 Timothy 6:15)
We have no HEAD but
No BOOK but the BIBLE!
The church of Christ is not a physical building.
It is not a denomination. It is not a Catholic, Protestant, nor Jewish.
It is the assembly of Christian! (Hebrews 12:23).
It is a body of believers who have repented of their sins
and have been baptized into Jesus Christ, with Him as its only Head.
No one votes you into the church.
God adds you to the church when you are saved.(Acts2:47)
Our simple piea is to restore religious unity by giving up all man-made creeds,
organizations,and practices and going back to the Bible.
It is absolutely solid ground. The Lord prayed for this!


You can be JUST a CHRISTIAN!